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SHIFT Enterprise Academy is driven by a team of interdependent change agents. They each bring a unique essence of service to the team. As a result of their individual business acumen and passion for service, it did not take very long for this team to gel. Their collaboration effort into expanding SHIFT's offerings to the East African continent are divine. After completing the East African pilot program, the SHIFT Enterprise Academy team is preparing to be vanguards in helping willing people shift their mindset while defining their own idea of success. 

Ethan Brisby, Founder.png


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Ethan is the creator of the SHIFT Approach and Lead Instructor for SHIFT Enterprise Academy. He ensures the vision is carried out in a purposeful and meaningful way. 

Delilah Aisu, SHIFT Enterprise Academy.png


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Delilah is the Director of Marketing & Operations. She ensures we have the proper tools and information available to carry out our mission efficient and effectively. 

Joseph Obore, SHIFT Enterprise Academy.png


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Joseph is a Program Manager for "Launching into E-Commerce." He ensures our programming is aligned with funding opportunities and positioned for future growth. 

Mellanie SHIFT Enterprise Academy.png


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Mellanie is a Blogger for the SHIFT Blog. She writes about e-commerce, SaaS, travel, and tourism. She competed in the 2021 pilot program Ideas Pitch Competition with her idea, "SHIFT Serenity Tours."

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Darlene is a Business Development Specialist. She ensures we are building meaningful relationships with people and business that support the SHIFT mission. She competed in the pilot program Ideas Pitch Competition with her idea, Darl's Toys. 

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Dr. Johnson

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Dr. Johnson is an Adviser and Instructor. His engineering background and 20+ years of corporate experience adds value to many of the systems SHIFT uses to accomplish its mission. 

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