SHIFT Enterprise Academy is driven by a team of interdependent change agents. They each bring a unique essence of service to the team. As a result of their individual business acumen and passion for service, it did not take very long for this team to gel. Their collaboration effort into expanding SHIFT's offerings to the East African continent are divine. After completing the East African pilot program, the SHIFT Enterprise Academy team is preparing to be vanguards in helping willing people shift their mindset while defining their own idea of success. 

Ethan is the definition of perseverance. He is a father, a servant leader, first born, author, educator, and so much more. Brisby’s faith, dynamic personality, and positive mental attitude is a combination that continues to push him into higher heights in life. 

His story is still being written, but the previous chapters are nothing short of amazing; first generation college graduate, ghost writer, public speaker, affordable housing advocate, political campaign manager, Planning & Zoning Commissioner, 2nd Grade Math Teacher, Career & Technical Education Teacher, Real Estate Developer, Credit Counselor, and Founder are just a few of the professional experiences this Bryan, Texas native has had. 

When he is not creating solutions for the problems of the today, Brisby is on the go. He loves to travel to tropical climates, support black owned businesses, and make memories with his close knit circles of friends. Ethan is the father of one, Kavian, 19. He credits building a legacy with/for Kavian as one of his life’s greatest motivations.





Dr. Johnson


Dr. Johnson is a full time instructor at North American University where he teaches Elementary Algebra, Calculus-I and Introductory Statistics.  He is also an adjunct instructor in the School of Education and Human Services at the University of St. Thomas where he teaches graduate level statistics and serves as a quantitative methodologist for student dissertations and is also a 1st Lieutenant in the Texas State Guard. Prior to his career in education, Dr. Johnson taught a variety of courses in mathematics, statistics, and engineering at YES Prep North Forest high school, Prairie View A&M University and San Jacinto College respectively.  Before transitioning into education, he worked for more than 20 years as a chemical engineer at three Fortune 500 companies.  He is also a U.S. Army veteran.

Delilah is the incredible Executive Assistant for SHIFT Enterprise Academy. As the first member of the East African team, she plays an integral role in assuring things flow smoothly. She works very closely with Ethan to coordinate everything from staff assignments to curriculum development. Delilah is best characterized as one with seemingly limitless amounts of positive energy. She is a writer, communicator and children's rights champion. The Ugandan native's vibrant personality continues to make it possible for her to spread good cheer, and uplift the life of others around her.  Certainly, her journey is still ongoing, but in the recent past, she has served as a Reporter, Editor, Communications Director, Children’s Reading and Writing Tutor, Administrator, Child Rights Advocate, and Executive Assistant - all experiences she has accrued over the years. When Delilah is not supporting others to create, she is living her 'best life.' She professes to loves travel and having a good laugh with her friends over coffee.



Executive Assistant


Program Director

Joseph is a Ugandan National currently living in the Bukedea District of Uganda. He manages the East Africa Program of SHIFT Enterprise Academy. Additionally, Joseph is the Founder and Executive Director of Action for Development of Grassroots Communities (ADEGCO) – a Community Based Organization (CBO) operating in Bukedea. Further, Joseph is a social entrepreneur with a verifiable track record for running profitable and successful businesses. He has more than five years experience and expertise in successful design/initiation, piloting, implementation, management and sustainability of specialized, tailor-made and hybrid programs and projects. Obore is an action-oriented, team builder. His passion for leading the youth keeps him always willing to learn, self-driven and resilient. Joseph’s story is filled with examples of his hard work and passionate approach to the empowerment of youth throughout Uganda. Obore is a strong believer in youth leveraging their skills, knowledge, and networks to take advantage of opportunities for achieving personal and community development. In short, he enjoys working with SHIFT, because of the desire to help youth and young adults in East Africa cultivate the 21st century skills, knowledge, experiences necessary to shift their mindsets and exploit their full potential for sustainable development on the continent. 

Mellanie is a Program Coordinator for SHIFT Enterprise Academy. In her role, she supports program relationships by working closely with staff, stakeholders and advisers to generate engagement and ensuring our program processes run efficiently. Mellanie holds a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Public Administration from Uganda Christian University. Previously, she volunteered at one of Uganda's many innovation hubs specifically in the venture management sphere. During this time, Mellanie worked closely with the organization's Program Coordinator gaining valuable experience in planning, identifying stakeholders and organizing events. Moreover, "Mel," as she is known among the team, has also worked with the Agriculture Cluster Development Project (ACDP), a farmers' program under Uganda's Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries. While working with ACDP, as a Community Based Facilitator, Mellanie was able to mobilize, register, enroll and train 21 farmer groups as beneficiaries of the program within a period of one year. In addition to her professional prowess, Mellanie is a mother whose desire is to be the best example she can be to her daughter. She is keenly focused on inspiring young people through her role with SHIFT. When asked what drove her at such a young age to lead, she states, "I do what I do here because I love putting my skills to use. I believe in being an asset to somebody or a group of people. As a Coordinator, I use my planning, writing and communication skills to support program relationships for ambitious young people to have a strong foundation."

Program Coordinator



Social Media/Engagement Lead

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Joel is a Ugandan, residing in Mbale City Uganda. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science Degree in Media Technology at Livingstone International University. A visionary and naturally gifted individual, Joel is the Social Media/Engagement Lead with SHIFT Enterprise Academy. He works ‘around the clock,’ to help visualize the SHIFT identity on digital platforms. Joel has worked with a range of brands, businesses and organizations throughout Uganda as a media content creator and digital marketing strategist. In 2021, he founded Zebraville, a digital media brand that provides media services, ranging from content production, marketing, branding and promotion of creative arts. With the passion to be part of a global uniting factor, Joel is inspired by his artistic sense for storytelling.

Doreen serves as a volunteer at SHIFT Enterprise Academy. As a Ugandan native, she is inspired by the gift SHIFT brings to the continent. In addition to her role with SHIFT, she is an advocate for chidren in street situations. Doreen coordinates visits from foreign guests who share her compassion for youth and chose Uganda as a nation for ministry. Further, she is an entrepreneur who owns various small businesses within Kampala. As first born in her family, she can be best described as a reliable, trustworthy, honest, hardworking, open minded and focused person who is always trying her best to reach the maximum outcome of her work. Further, Doreen is keen to widen her horizon by learning about new skills, sharing ideas, and exploring topics that will help bring human kind forward. She loves working on team assignments that challenge her to be open-minded in coordinating and combining different interests to achieve one great goal. As the newest member of the SHIFT team, she is eager to contribute, learn new skills, and accomplish much more in her life through her affiliation with the organization. 



Volunteer & Fundraising Coordinator