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Entebbe International Business Summit: Bridging Gaps for Growth and Collaboration in East Africa

The vibrant city of Entebbe, nestled on the shores of Lake Victoria, is set to host the much-anticipated Entebbe International Business Summit on March 14th and 15th, 2024. This premier event, now in its fifth year, serves as a safe space for networking, collaboration, and innovation across diverse sectors in East Africa.

With over 24 distinguished speakers from tourism, entrepreneurship, banking, energy, investment management, and policy, the summit promises to be a convergence of thought leaders, industry experts, and stakeholders from across the region.

One of the keynote speakers includes H.E. Jessica Alupo, Vice President of the Republic of Uganda, who will shed light on the government's vision for economic growth and development. Additionally, speakers such as H.W. Fabrice Rulinda, Mayor of Entebbe City, and Professor Charles Kwesiga, Executive Director of the Uganda Industrial Research Institute, will provide valuable insights into the region's industrial landscape and investment opportunities.

The Entebbe International Business Summit has evolved into a pivotal platform for fostering public-private collaboration and driving economic growth in East Africa. Since its inception in 2019, the summit has facilitated the formation of strategic partnerships, enhanced networking opportunities, and showcased the region's potential as a hub for investment and innovation.

In recent years, East Africa has emerged as one of the fastest-growing economic regions on the continent, fueled by its youthful population, abundant natural resources, and strategic geographic location. With a growing middle class and increasing urbanization, the region offers a conducive environment for business expansion and investment.

The summit's agenda includes panel discussions, keynote addresses, and networking sessions designed to explore emerging trends, address key challenges, and unlock new growth opportunities across diverse sectors. Participants can expect engaging discussions on topics such as sustainable development, digital innovation, and inclusive growth strategies.

As East Africa continues to position itself as a global business destination, events like the Entebbe International Business Summit play a crucial role in maximizing economic growth, designing for collaboration, and driving sustainable development across the region.

Stay tuned for updates and insights from the Entebbe International Business Summit as we explore the dynamic landscape of East African business and entrepreneurship.

Confirmed Speakers at the Entebbe International Business Summit include:

  • H.E. Jessica Alupo, Vice President of the Republic of Uganda

  • H.W. Fabrice Rulinda, Mayor of Entebbe City

  • Professor Charles Kwesiga, Executive Director of the Uganda Industrial Research Institute

  • Varghese Thambi, Managing Director, Diamond Trust Bank (DTB)

  • Justine Asiimwe, RDC, Wakiso District

  • H.E. Muhammad Hassan Wazir, Ambassador of Pakistan to Uganda

  • Prof. Robinah Nanyunja, President & Chair, Pilot International

  • Ethan Brisby, Founder, President of SHIFT Enterprise Academy & Brisby Development Services

  • Ronald Kasolo, General Manager BRITAM Asset Managers

  • Julius Nsubuga, Executive Director, AfCED To register for the summit and networking dinner, please visit the official summit website. Don't miss this opportunity to connect, collaborate, and drive meaningful change in East Africa's business landscape.


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