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Friends of SHIFT: Kizo prepares young adults for work in the Digital Era; opens registration

Kizo Jumpstart
Kizo Jumpstart for the Digital Era

We’d like to share with you an exciting program, hosted by Kizo Africa (, that has relevance for most of Africa's youth interested in digital transformation and how that will affect the future of work and their personal lives.

The program is called the Kizo Jumpstart for the Digital Era. This is a truly transformational program that is VIRTUAL, FREE, and FUN. It's designed to empower Africa's youth with the mindsets, resources, and roadmaps to thrive in the Digital Era.

Ideal candidates for the program are Africa’s youth between the ages of 18-35, who want to level up with basic knowledge on breakthrough technology trends that are creating radically new work opportunities in the coming decade.

Additional information on the program can be found here:

Don't hesitate to contact incase of any queries


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