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M-Cash Uganda Hosts Inspiring Meet and Greet with Women's Entrepreneurship Forum Africa

On May 24, 2024 the offices of M-Cash Uganda buzzed with excitement as they hosted a vibrant Meet and Greet event in partnership with the Women's Entrepreneurship Forum Africa (WEFA). This event, part of a year-long series organized by WEFA, aimed to raise awareness about M-Cash while bringing WEFA members together for relationship building purposes.

The gathering brought together a diverse group of entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and young leaders, all eager to explore the evolving intersections of technology, finance, and agriculture. The focus of the evening was not only on networking but also on celebrating the innovative strides made by M-Cash in the agricultural sector.

M-Cash, a pioneering financial technology company in Uganda, has garnered significant attention for its disruptive contributions to agriculture and financial inclusion. The company won the prestigious Disruptive Agricultural Technology (DAT) Challenge in 2019, securing funding from the World Bank to implement their groundbreaking Agrilink program. This program revolutionizes the way farmers access high-quality inputs, allowing them to place orders via USSD from a virtual marketplace.

Edith G. Kutesa, the founder and CEO of M-Cash Uganda, took center stage to share her inspiring journey and the company's vision. With a rich background as an economist and development banker, Kutesa has held prominent positions, including Permanent Secretary of Finance Rwanda, MD & Chair of Rwanda Development Bank, and United Nations Resident Representative. Her leadership has been instrumental in driving M-Cash's mission to serve the unbanked population through innovative payment solutions.

The event also showcased success stories from farmers who have benefited from M-Cash's Agrilink program. These personal accounts underscored the immense impact of disruptive agricultural technologies in enhancing productivity and competitiveness. Extension Officers, serving as a liaison between M-Cash and the farmers, were praised for their role in facilitating these connections and ensuring the smooth implementation of the program.

M-Cash Team Leader, Sharifu Matsiko shares insights around M-Cash Agrilink system

Participants at the Meet and Greet expressed their enthusiasm for the work M-Cash is doing in paving the way for what is possible within Uganda's massive agribusiness supply chain. WEFA’s platform proved invaluable for members who were able to attend the event. The synergy between the M-Cash staff and WEFA members underscored the importance of designing an ecosystem where technology, finance, and entrepreneurship converge to drive tangible progress.

As the evening concluded, attendees shared in a meal, and left with renewed inspiration and a sense of possibility. The event not only highlighted the dynamic work of M-Cash but also reinforced the critical role of platforms like WEFA in nurturing entrepreneurial endeavors.

M-Cash Uganda is currently raising $5,000,000 to expand their reach in East Africa. Learn more about M-Cash on their website:

WEFA members pose for a group photo after a meet and greet session at the M-Cash headquarters in Kampala

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May 26
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