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SHIFT Enterprise Academy is hiring in East Africa

As part of our ongoing initiative to bring SHIFT Enterprise Academy to East Africa, we are adding to our team!

SHIFT Enterprise Academy is looking for an ambitious and confident Program Coordinator to help with the launch of our online learning platform. We are also seeking to hire one creative and diligent Engagement Lead/Social Media Manager. For more a full description of these roles and to apply, click the link below.


Founded in Texas, USA in 2011, SHIFT Enterprise Academy is a five part lecture series designed to help high performing young adults get from there they are to where they want to be. We use the SHIFT pillars to guide each of our work/learning sessions. The SHIFT pillars are: Save your money, Help your family, Imagine your goals, Following directions, Think accurately. Each session is dynamic and challenges our enterprisers to become leaders in their respective communities.

Begin October 4, SHIFT Enterprise Academy will be hosting an online pilot program catering toward promising problem solving young adults in East Africa. Your work with SHIFT will go a long way in ensuring we are bringing the most good possible to the continent!

For more information and to apply for the Program Coordinator position CLICK HERE

For more information and to apply for the Engagement Lead/Social Media Manager position CLICK HERE

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Aug 30, 2021

movement is Life.

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