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SHIFT Week Features Daily LIVE Sessions - You are welcome.

SHIFT Enterprise Academy is continuing its 'Best Year Ever' campaign with its first ever Youth Innovation Challenge. The initiative features youth and young adults from various nations age 18 - 25.

June 17 - June 21, participants will engage with various lessons and practical applications related to The SHIFT Approach. The challenges ends with an idea competition July 6, 2024 LIVE on the SHIFT Enterprise Academy YouTube Channel.

In addition to the Youth Innovation Challenge the next seven days are jammed pack with opportunities to engage with Team SHIFT.

Each day at 6pm beginning today, Monday, June 17 at 6pm East African Time (4pm - Lagos, 10am - Houston) SHIFT will host LIVE dialogues related to real world applications and example of The SHIFT Approach. You can see that schedule below:

SHIFT Week Events

DAILY June 17 - June 21 at 6pm (Kampala) | 4pm (Lagos) | 10am (Houston)

Monday, June 17, Baker Kabanda, AI and the Digital Economy

Tuesday, June 18, Edson Niwamanya, A Path to Financing Early Stage Projects"

Wednesday, June 19, Ethan Brisby, A Celebration of Excellence SHOWCASE

Thursday, June 20, Jonathan Tease, Developing Winning Campaigns

Friday, June 21, P Eugene Jackson  Critical Thinking: Robotics Systems

SHIFT to take center stage at Kampala International Business Summit

Later this week, SHIFT Enterprise Academy will be represented at the Kampala Business and Investment Summit happening at the Golf Course Hotel in Kampala, Uganda. If you are part of our community and in the Kampala area, join us as SHIFT will feature innovative projects from within its ecosystem on Day 2 of the Summit, June 21.

On Day 1, June 20, our Founder, Ethan Brisby will moderate a conversation between Geoffrey Muwanguzi Country Manager of Afriven and Mellon Kenyangi Managing Director of NextGen Innovations Uganda.

There is still time for last minute registration for the summit:

For even more insights around SHIFT Enterprise Academy be sure you complete your membership on our site:

Also, subscribe to our "Decision Makers Boulevard" newsletter for investment and business relations:

If that's not enough SHIFT for you, engage with us on our various social media channels where we connect with our community in different ways.

This indeed is the Best Year Ever! We will see you around.


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