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SHIFT successfully completes "Launchpad" event held on LivingStone University grounds

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

East African Founders, SHIFT Enterprise Academy
SHIFT Enterprise Academy, led by Founder, Ethan Brisby is helping young ambitious minds in East Africa take the next step in business creation.

Entebbe, Uganda - SHIFT Enterprise Academy, a Texas-based social enterprise, is excited to announce it recently completed "SHIFT Launch Pad," a three-day intensive business accelerator in M'Bale, Uganda, on December 28, 29, and 30, 2022. This year's boot camp theme was "Time is money, and mindset determines how you use both."

Led by its founder, Ethan Brisby, the boot camp was held on the grounds of LivingStone International University in liaison with the school's administration. All of the 12 invited Enterprisers completed "Launching into E-Commerce," a five week virtual training which teaches the pillars of SHIFT. Nine of the 12 are finalists of one of the three SHIFT pitch competitions held since October 2021.

During the boot camp, "Enterprisers" as SHIFT refers to its community members were challenged to think critically and in ways that can helps them get 'from where they are now to where they want to be in the future.' Sectors represented at the event range from media to beauty to agriculture to tourism.

During the highly interactive Launch Pad event, Enterprisers faced the sometimes-challenging task of building out a complete business plan with measurable financial projections. The East African founders received hands on guidance to create detailed financial projections, including revenue and expense forecasts, cash flow statements, and sales strategies.

“The aim of SHIFT Launch Pad is to prepare this cohort of Enterprisers to go from idea to market. Then be able to pitch investors in 2023 that can help them scale within 18 months, Brisby stated. "I tell this group all the time they are the vanguards of what SHIFT will do here in East Africa and beyond.”

One of the key takeaways for many Enterprises is the team building exercises. One such activity created teams of four with each individual pitching a product launch event idea to their team. Then teams selected one event to plan using practical business and market data. Through this exercise, attendees describe walking away with lessons in time management, event planning, and teamwork.

Launch Pad ended with each Enterpriser sitting down for a discussion with Brisby to share insights about how SHIFT is impacting their life and their outlook on business. During these discussions Enterprisers describe the experience as "very magical," "mind triggering," and "mind shifting" again and again.

About SHIFT Enterprise Academy

SHIFT Enterprise Academy is a hybrid social enterprise and personal development consulting firm based in the USA with programming in Africa. SHIFT identifies young adults and helps them develop the mindset to solve problems in their community using the 'SHIFT Approach. The SHIFT Approach is rooted in the SHIFT pillars; Save your money, Help your family, Imagine your goals, Follow directions, and Think accurately.

Assorted photos from SHIFT Launch Pad held December 28, 29, 30, 2022 in Uganda


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