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Wrapping Up 'Launching into E-commerce' SHIFT Summer Cohort - 2022 With a Win!

After a five-week program Launching into e-commerce, it is finally time to wrap up the 2022 summer cohort with a WIN. It has been a mixture of hard work and learning of new practical things that help you to have what it takes to get to the next level of entrepreneurship. My name is Yvonne Kiambi, the founder of 360° Interiors, which emerged as the recently completed pitch competition winner.

My journey with SHIFT has been full of discoveries and learning of new things through the 'Five Pillars of SHIFT'. When I joined, I did not have much grasp of the business world, or maybe starting my own business. But as time went on, my mindset SHIFT-ed and I gained a new perspective. Along the way, I have exposed myself to books and educational materials, and one of the interesting things I've come across is priming.

Priming occurs when a stimulus, such as an image, word, or idea, activates the part of the brain responsible for perceiving and reacting to it, making you pay attention to it more closely. The concept of priming explains how certain actions, words, or experiences can influence your perception, behavior, and goals. Most of the time, this occurs unconsciously. However, it can be used to alter your attention in a way that's most beneficial to you. Priming can be effective in orienting your brain to what you want, as well as what you don't want. Simply, when you prime for success, then success is coming your way as you work towards it.

Over the program, I also got a chance to work with the amazing team at SHIFT Enterprise Academy and I have a view of the ins and outs of how the organization works. Let's just say that it's impressive. A high level of coordination and planning makes the experience at SHIFT feel seamless. My leadership skills were revamped as a result, and I can confidently say that I am ready to head out into the world and positively impact others.

Finally, special thanks to the entire SHIFT team for bringing this amazing program to us the young people and helping us navigate the entrepreneurship world. For the incoming October cohort, it's your time to step into the next level of knowledge. As Ethan Brisby, the founder of SHIFT, says, "Bring your own energy."

About SHIFT Enterprise Academy.

SHIFT Enterprise Academy is a hybrid social enterprise and personal development consulting firm based in the USA with programming in Africa. SHIFT identifies young adults and helps them develop the mindset to solve problems in their own community using the 'SHIFT Approach.' The SHIFT Approach is rooted in the SHIFT pillars; Save your money, Help your family, Imagine your goals, Follow directions, and Think accurately.

About" Launching into E-Commerce".

Launching into E-Commerce is the signature program offered through SHIFT Enterprise Academy. The program features six weeks of training in a virtual classroom. Enterprisers are challenged to use the SHIFT Approach to launch or expand their businesses using digital marketing techniques. At the end of each quarterly cohort, Enterprisers enter into an idea's competition competing for a seed funding. All Enterprisers receive ongoing consultancy services. This program is currently underwritten by the support of "Friends of SHIFT."


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