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SHIFT Enterprise Academy proudly presents the SHIFT Global Youth Innovation Challenge, a transformative event uniting young innovators from Atlanta, Georgia to Bryan/College Station, Texas to the East African Community in a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and community impact. Taking place simultaneously on June 29, 2024, each location will host its unique Youth Innovation Challenge under the overarching SHIFT programming schedule.


Teams from each location, composed of participants aged 13 - 17 and 18 - 24, will embark on a journey of innovation and problem-solving, guided by the principles of the SHIFT methodology. With each team supported by an adult sponsor and mentor, participants will have the opportunity to develop and present their project ideas aimed at addressing pressing issues within their communities.


In addition to the main ideas competition, participants from all locations will engage in two Saturday virtual meetups designed for cultural exchange, collaboration, and dialogue. These meetups will feature discussions related to ongoing asynchronous activities, including training videos on the pillars of SHIFT, delivered weekly, and project-related tasks designed to challenge and inspire teams to think creatively and strategically.


The SHIFT Global Youth Innovation Challenge is more than just a competition; it is a platform for youth empowerment, cross-cultural exchange, and generational impact. By bringing together diverse teams from different corners of the globe, SHIFT Enterprise Academy aims to ignite the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, driving positive change on a global scale.

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The SHIFT Approach


In the modern world it is important that we each know how to conduct ourselves. 


Trade and commerce are vital for any civilization. We look for the win-win. 


From the outside looking in, you may not understand it. We are all we have. 

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