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Save Your Money

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Essential Financial Literacy for Early Stage Entrepreneurs Course Overview The "Save Your Money" course is a vital part of SHIFT Enterprise Academy's curriculum, crafted to empower forward-thinking entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, rural entrepreneurs, and SME executives. This short, impactful course provides essential financial literacy skills to manage your business effectively and ensure sustainable growth. Course Content 1. Fixed & Variable Expenses - Learn to distinguish and manage fixed and variable expenses for maximum profitability. - Practical exercises to track and analyze business expenses. 2. Revenue Models - Discover various revenue models and their impact on financial planning. - Real-life case studies of successful business revenue strategies. 3. Customer Types - Identify different customer segments and tailor your offerings to meet their needs. - Develop effective customer acquisition and retention strategies. 4. Supply and Demand - Understand supply and demand principles to optimize pricing and inventory. - Learn strategies to balance supply and demand, avoiding overproduction and stockouts. Learning Outcomes: By completing this course, you'll be able to: - Manage expenses effectively to enhance financial stability. - Implement the be

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