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SHIFT Enterprise Academy


The 'SHIFT Approach' to Personal development in the digital age

We help people get from where they are to where they want to be. 

Signature Program: Launching into E-Commerce


Held once per quarter


6 weeks, online 4-6 hours per week


Pitch competition at the conclusion of training

program fee


Launching into E-Commerce: Overview

Launching into E-Commerce: What are our Enterprisers building?

Launching or expanding an existing business idea can be a daunting task for even for the most skilled teams and individuals. SHIFT Enterprise Academy’s “Launching into E-Commerce” virtual training academy is designed to meet entrepreneurs at the idea stage. We introduce them to the SHIFT Approach as a means of having the mental framework for getting from where they are now to where they want to be. Our value-based training is rooted in financial literacy, servant-leadership, long term planning, perseverance, and a clearly defined idea of success. 

This program is most suited for serious minded young adults between the age of 16-30 who simply need a push to continue their entrepreneurial path. We primarily target young adults in the US and East Africa at this time. Our quarterly cohorts meet weekly for 60-75 minutes via Zoom for an interactive lecture. Each week’s discussion is complimented by a practical application activity leading towards a basic pitch deck by the end of training. 


At the conclusion of training the top four Enterprisers enter their idea into a pitch competition, with the winner receiving seed funds equal to $500 US dollars. The value of the program far exceeds the cost and the seed funding as all Enterprisers join the SHIFT Family by where Enterprisers work collaboratively lending each other services to launch or expand their businesses using the internet. 

We host a monthly workshop, "Launch Pad" featuring industry experts to help our Enterprisers further develop their ideas. And finally, Enterprisers have the chance to earn paid internships with underwriters, sponsors, and friends of our programming after they complete all five modules. These internships are arranged to help our Enterprisers gain valuable work experience as they continue the path to launching or expanding into e-commerce.

Darlene, D&D Beauty

A brick and mortar hair supply chain with online retail options. We are a drop shipment company providing jobs in our community

Engule, Saben Foods

Integrating hundreds of last mile small producing farmers into sustainable supply chains in northern Uganda

Joel, Zebraville

A digital media company dedicated to sharing Black stories from throughout the diaspora especially in East Africa. 


Oluchi, Black Pilgramage

A travel agency dedicated to being part of the largest black movement to Africa. Our tours are family-oriented


Though African countries are not ranked as high as other markets like the US and Europe when it comes to e-commerce, the online shopping phenomenon is spreading fast across the continent. E-commerce in Africa was valued at $16.5 billion in 2017 and this value could cross the $75 billion mark by 2025


Online retail revenue in Africa is estimated at around $20 billion annually, which is only 3.5% of total retail sales. This puts online sales for the whole of Africa at a lower level than Australia. But Africa’s population, at 1.35 billion, is on par with China


As of 2021 the African continent leads mobile internet usage a full 13% above the global average, and almost 5% more mobile usage than Asian region markets. This should indicate a “mobile-first” approach to any business looking to sell online to  the various African markets.

Launching into E-Commerce: What are the numbers saying about the Continent?

Sacha Poignonnec, cofounder and co-CEO of Jumia, Africa’s largest internet group

"I’m very bullish about e-commerce in Africa because what is unique in this continent is you have this very big population—over one billion people—and they are very connected. There are more than 400 million internet users in Africa, which is the second-largest internet-user population on the planet, just after China."

Launching into E-Commerce: What are the major players saying about the Continent?

Hennie Heymans, CEO of DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa

“DHL remains committed to driving e-commerce growth on the continent for e-tailers, as they work to expose their brands to international markets, so we regard ourselves as a facilitator of global trade, and if we can improve connectivity and accessibility to global markets for local businesses, it goes a long way in helping local designers and other artisans grow, and we’re proud of the work we’re doing.”

Launching into E-Commerce: Who is leading the way on the Continent?

"Our innovation was born after observing the difficulty many traders in remote areas were experiencing. Our platform operates on the iOS and Android. We have a network of transportation to deliver the goods, all one has to do is contact us electronically" 

Paul Muyobo

Kikuubo Online

"Pollicy is a civic technology collective that focuses on using data and technology to create social change. We research ways and implement projects through which Africans can take back control of their data and reimagine new ways of tech ownership."

Neema Iyer



“Africa is already the resource hub of the world, and most of the things we export come out of our soil. But I believe that going forward, our culture and things out of our minds and lifestyles are going to be the biggest part of what we export,” 

Moulaye Tabouré


Sethebe Manake.jpeg

"We developed a one-stop-shop for real estate investors, financiers and developers to get accurate and reliable information that informs their decisions. The information we provide to real estate investors ranges from property valuations to customized location insights."

Sethebe Manake

Go Smart Value

Launching into E-Commerce: "The SHIFT Approach"

module 1


To develop a basic understanding of budgeting as well as the economic principles of supply
and demand as it relates to the local economic base


module 2


Taking a servant-leadership approach to solving problems and attaining intergenerational
mobility in the Digital Age.


module 3


Designing your life over a 90-day and five-year period based on your own clearly defined
idea of success.


module 4


Adhering to a plan by persevering despite any adversity you may face. Developing the
mindset of a champion in the 21st century


module 5


Avoiding the distraction that often derail young people or cause them to conform rather than
mine their own idea of success

Launching into E-Commerce: Program Faculty


Ethan Brisby
Lead Instructor,
"Launching into E-Commerce"
Founder, SHIFT Enterprise Academy

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Ethan is the creator of 'The SHIFT Approach.' This is his 11th year teaching and revamping the curriculum to meet the ever-changing needs of today's young minds. Prior to returning to operate SHIFT Enterprise Academy full-time, he taught Interpersonal Studies and Professional Communications at a Houston area college prep school. The Texas native has worked as an affordable housing lender, real estate developer, writer, and public speaker throughout his twenty plus years of entrepreneurial experience. He brings a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to the classroom. Ethan is magnificent at using stories and biblical principles to illustrate practical life lessons. Brisby holds a Bachelor's degree from Morehouse College in Urban Studies and a Masters Degree in Land & Property Development from Texas A&M University. He has one son, enjoys swimming, attending baseball games, and playing dominos with family. 

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