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SHIFT Enterprise Academy

We help people get from where they are now to where they want to be in the future. 

At SHIFT Enterprise Academy, we believe in empowering ambitious minds to reach their full potential by introducing them to #TheSHIFTApproach.

Our mission is to help professionals in East Africa escape the cycle of underemployment by equipping them with the knowledge, tools, and resources to succeed as entrepreneurs.

Our vision is to create an ecosystem of high-performing startup founders throughout East Africa who are positioned to scale their businesses and transform their local communities. 

SHIFT Enterprise Academy is successful when we are providing young entrepreneurs with the guidance, mentorship, and financial support they need to succeed in a rapidly-changing world.



African Founders Served



African Nations Represented



Hours of virtual training


SHIFT Enterprise Academy offers a range of programs designed to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the digital age.

"Launching into E-Commerce"

A five-week self-paced training program that focuses on developing the mindset of a champion in the 21st century while teaching entrepreneurs about artificial intelligence, digital marketing, automation, and basic business practices. Participants learn to leverage the internet and technology to go from idea to market or gain traction in a pre-seed/seed stage business.

SHIFT Launch Pad

A three-day intensive accelerator program designed to help entrepreneurs prepare and plan for an upcoming growth period in their business cycle. Participants learn practical applications related to time management, financial forecasting, mindset, and effective goal-setting for product launches, marketing campaigns, and event planning

SHIFT Ventures

A nine-month incubator program providing nine high performing Enterprisers with a monthly stipend, an industry expert as mentor, and centralized marketing, legal, and accounting services. SHIFT Ventures helps young Enterprisers take their businesses to the next level by providing them with the support and resources they need to enter new markets and scale their operations.


Launching into E-Commerce is most suited for serious minded young adults between the age of 21-40 who simply need a push to continue their entrepreneurial path.

  • Recent college graduates who have studied business, entrepreneurship, or related fields and have a desire to start their own business in East Africa.

  • Professionals who have 3+ years of work experience with entrepreneurial aspirations and are looking for support in launching their own business. 


 After successful completion of the program, Enterprisers join the SHIFT Family by where Enterprisers work collaboratively lending each other services to launch or expand their businesses using the internet. 

Launching into E-Commerce 2023 registration open now! 



To develop a basic understanding of budgeting as well as the economic principles of supply and demand as it relates to the local economic base
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People centered growth

"By fostering self-actualization, Enterprisers are able to develop a strong sense of purpose and direction, which can help them navigate the challenges and uncertainties of entrepreneurship and stay motivated and focused on their goals."

Get to Know Us

A core part of the #SHIFTApproach is emphasizing personal and professional development as key drivers of success in entrepreneurship. By teaching Enterprisers to focus on their own growth and self-improvement, SHIFT Enterprise Academy aims to help them achieve their goals and create successful businesses that make a positive impact on their communities and the wider world.

Launching into E-Commerce 2023 registration open now! 

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