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SHIFT Launch Pad




The SHIFT Launch Pad is a three-day intensive accelerator program designed to help entrepreneurs prepare and plan for an upcoming growth period in their business cycle. Participants learn practical applications related to time management, financial forecasting, mindset, and effective goal-setting for product launches, marketing campaigns, and event planning.


The program emphasizes on the core values of SHIFT while focusing on helping entrepreneurs leverage technology to launch or expand an existing business. The program covers the five pillars of #TheSHIFTAppraoch in three in-person days.

  • Day 1: Save Your Money

  • Day 1: Help Your Family

  • Day 2: Imagine Your Goals

  • Day 2: Follow Directions

  • Day 3: Think Accurately



Additional information

The SHIFT Launch Pad is most suited for serious minded young adults between the age of 21-40 who simply need a push to continue their entrepreneurial path.

  • Recent college graduates who have studied business, entrepreneurship, or related fields and have a desire to start their own business in East Africa.

  • Professionals who have 3+ years of work experience with entrepreneurial aspirations and are looking for support in launching their own business. 


 After successful completion of the program, Enterprisers join the SHIFT Family by where Enterprisers work collaboratively lending each other services to launch or expand their businesses using the internet. 


28, 29, 30th Dec, 2023


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