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"I am Black History" pack

"I am Black History" pack


The "I am Black History Pack" is an exclusive bundle that pays tribute to the remarkable journey of Ethan Brisby. This unique package features his latest book, The Roaring 30s, a captivating memoir chronicling his life the best and worst times of his 30s as a single father, real estate broker, political candidate, and community leader. 


Also Included in the bundle is a special 10th-anniversary edition of Brisby's acclaimed work, "5 Proven Strategies on How to Pay for College." This inspiring and impactful book reveals the entrepreneurial strategies that propelled Brisby from humble beginnings at Morehouse College, leveraging scholarships and paid internships to fund his undergraduate education. This anniversary edition includes two additional chapters that delve into his experiences at Texas A&M University in graduate school and the pivotal years immediately after college.


And as a meaningful keepsake, the package also includes a rare commemorative t-shirt that celebrates the rich legacy of black history and the unwavering spirit of resilience. Embrace your connection to this empowering narrative and proudly wear your support for this American success story about faith.

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