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Ethan Brisby discusses the Mantle of Deborah - Uganda Launch, Legacy for Tomorrow Campaign

As I had the privilege of attending the Mantle of Deborah - Uganda Launch event at the Kampala Golf Course Hotel, the collective passion and vision of the speakers left a profound impact on me. I was not only enriched by the wisdom of esteemed speakers like Pastor Laben Jjumba, Ms. Irene Kauma, Apostle Isi Igenegba, and Pastor Chingtok Ishaku, but also by the collective energy of all attendees who, like me, came with dreams of change and transformation for Uganda.

In the spirit of the event, I couldn't help but reflect on the essence of having a mantle and being under the divine covering of God. It's a concept that resonated deeply with me, especially as we discussed revolutionizing education in Africa, a mission closely aligned with my work at SHIFT Enterprise Academy.

From the event's discussions, several key insights stood out:

1. Empowering Leadership and Destiny Carriers

The event illuminated the idea of destiny carriers, individuals chosen to carry a unique vision. Just as Mordecai was a destiny carrier, we all have burdens in our hearts to bear. These burdens aren't mere challenges; they're the seeds of change. But, often, we fail to recognize and engage them. Connecting with those who understand what we carry, much like Ruth with Naomi or Joshua with Moses, is a critical step in birthing what we're meant to deliver.

At SHIFT Enterprise Academy, we believe in nurturing these destiny carriers. Through our Digital Learning Management System, we empower individuals to explore their passions, equip them with the knowledge and skills needed for their entrepreneurial journeys, and guide them to become the leaders they are destined to be. This digital platform provides on-demand access to education, entrepreneurship, personal development, and leadership resources, empowering individuals to take the first step toward realizing their vision.

2. Changing the Way We Think

The very formation of SHIFT is rooted in "shifting" the way we think about our own ideas of success both in the African American community and in emerging markets across the globe, especially in East Africa now. Moreover, the call to "get Jesus out of the religious prison" is an invitation to think beyond conventional boundaries. In a continent where spirituality often shines brightly, there's an opportunity for Africa to redefine its approach to development. It's a reminder that our comfort must not overshadow our life's purpose. We must be willing to engage the challenges and birth what we carry.

At SHIFT, we encourage individuals to think differently, to challenge the status quo. Our curriculum is designed to foster innovative and critical thinking and equip our community with the knowledge needed to create impactful change. By blending entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal development, we prepare individuals to tackle the unique challenges they face and bring their dreams to fruition.

3. Africa's Path to Prosperity

The event laid bare the challenges facing Africa—human trafficking, unemployment, labor migration, and the rise of urban slums were amongst those challenges mentioned. The call for a new model of development resonated deeply with me. In my letter of intent for admissions into Texas A&M University's Master's in Land & Property Development program way back in 2010 I wrote that once I earned the degree, I would move to Africa to work in the area of development. After some delay, by the grace of God I was able to return to A&M in 2022 to complete the final lingering requirement for my degree and found myself landing in East Africa in December of 2022 to begin the next chapter of my life. At the Mantle of Deborah - Uganda launch event, I couldn't help but think of the potential of projects like the Sharon Valley Kibbutz Village, offering holistic solutions for Africa's unique problems.

SHIFT Enterprise Academy is not only an advocate for change but an active participant. We are embarking on a mission to construct the SHIFT Innovation Village in the Bukedea District of Uganda. This initiative aims to provide housing options for visiting scholars and entrepreneurs, vocational training, a recreation center, and innovative concepts, including classes available in the metaverse. We envision this village as a beacon of prosperity and innovation, addressing the very challenges Africa faces.

4. The Power of Divine Collaboration

I do not take this call on my life lightly. It is indeed a heavy burden to bear and keeps me calling out to God regularly. Divine collaboration with the forces of heaven is essential, as we seek to bring about lasting change. Aligning ourselves with the purpose and visions of God's design creates a powerful impact. The event highlighted that God is indeed raising gatekeepers out of Africa, those who understand the art of trade and negotiation, crucial for the continent's uplift.

SHIFT Enterprise Academy recognizes the significance of divine collaboration. As we launch the Legacy for Tomorrow capital campaign, we invite you to join us on this journey. Your support will not only contribute to our digital learning management system but also fuel the construction of the SHIFT Innovation Village. By working together, we can harness the divine spirit of transformation and elevate Africa to new heights.

5. A Season of Transformation

Lastly, the event hinted at a forthcoming season of transformation in Africa. Prophecies of empowerment and deliverance, combined with a change in education systems, create the perfect storm for Africa to rise as a global educational hub. I firmly believe the continent of Africa and moreover Uganda has before it a chance to show the rest of the world what modern development can look like. One of my favorite article about development I read in college is called, "Development as a Poison." It discussed among other things, the concept of "The White Man's Burden," a psychological reasoning many hold that it is the burden of the European man to teach the rest of the world how to live. In this season, what Africa needs for development will come from within.

SHIFT Enterprise Academy is committed to driving this transformation. Our digital learning management system is at the forefront of reshaping education. It's a platform that empowers individuals to explore, learn, and develop the skills needed for personal and professional growth. By focusing on education, entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal development, we are paving the way for a new era of empowerment and prosperity in Africa.

In summary, the Mantle of Deborah - Uganda Launch was a powerful reminder of Africa's potential. As we draw closer to God and one another, we stand on the cusp of a profound transition. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Uganda and Africa are poised to embrace a season of empowerment, transformation, and prosperity.

It is an exciting time, a time for change. God is in the business of upgrading our mandates when we are faithful, and as we engage the challenges before us, we enable not just ourselves but generations to come. Together, we'll build a brighter Africa, and SHIFT Enterprise Academy is honored to be a part of this journey.

Join us in this endeavor to bridge divides and foster prosperity. SHIFT - where education meets entrepreneurship, personal development, and leadership. Your support for the Legacy for Tomorrow campaign can directly impact Africa's transformation and empower generations to come.

Together, we will unlock ambition, drive change, and script a brighter future for Africa.

About SHIFT Enterprise Academy

SHIFT Enterprise Academy is a Texas-based social enterprise with a presence in East Africa most notably Uganda and Kenya. The organization has a mission to empower ambitious minds and lead them from where they are today to where they aspire to be in the future. Through innovative education, entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal development programs, SHIFT is fostering the growth of future leaders, igniting a transformative shift in communities worldwide. The Legacy for Tomorrow campaign is designed to fund SHIFT's two newest projects in East Africa; the SHIFT Enterprise Academy Innovation Village and the SHIFT Enterprise Academy Digital Learning Management System.

About Ethan Brisby

Ethan Brisby, the Founder of SHIFT Enterprise Academy, is a visionary entrepreneur on a mission to redefine success. With a deep commitment to education, entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal development, Ethan's journey has been marked by his determination to empower individuals worldwide. His legacy extends beyond business, focusing on positive change and future leadership.


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06 нояб. 2023 г.
Оценка: 5 из 5 звезд.

Very powerful Ethan. We can see your work is helping many and will help many more. May God be with you and SHIFT.


05 нояб. 2023 г.
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Nice overview. May God continue to richly bless your vision for Uganda and Africa. 🙏🏿

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