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KITABU BOOKS , Literary Treasures in the Library

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

KITABU Books: Showcasing Africa's Literary Treasures

KITABU Books is the premier destination for enthusiasts seeking an immersive journey through the richness of African literature. Marc Nykura the founder of Kitabu Books, is recent winner of the official Shift Enterprise Academy pitch contest cohort series, in the process going through SHIFT business development accelerator program. Marc has a passion for learning and a marketing background, having studied marketing as a degree in college.

An overview of Kitabu Books would be a social enterprise that produces and distributes affordable and high-quality text books in East Africa, serving as a publishing company that also provides educational books & learning material for students. The company also provides training and resources for teachers to improve the quality of education in the region.

According to Kitabu remarks,

" KITABU Books opens the vaults and makes available ancient and new treasures so that people from all may enjoy the gems and stories told of young and old. With a wide array of e-books, audio books, and translations, we bring to you a diverse collection that encapsulates the essence of Africa's vibrant cultures and narratives. "



Founder: Marcelin Nyakura

Vision: "To be the ultimate hub for everything related to African literature, offering a comprehensive range of e-books, audio books, and translations."

Mission: "Our mission is to celebrate and share the kaleidoscope of African cultures through literature. By curating, creating, and selling African e-books, audio books, and translations, we aim to uplift the stories that embody the spirit of Africa."

Problem & Solution: African literature often struggles to find its rightful place on the global stage. KITABU Books was established to bridge this gap by digitally showcasing the myriad narratives that make up the African literary landscape. Our digital platform offers a solution that brings together e-books, audio books, and translations, thereby creating an immersive literary experience that transcends geographical boundaries. We are committed to digitizing African cultural heritage, providing a platform for untold stories to reach a wider audience.

SHIFT Pillars:

IMAGINE YOUR GOALS: Striving for personal and professional achievements, fostering growth.

THINK ACCURATELY: Employing reason and evidence to discern significance from noise, making informed decisions.

Social Media:

Founder's LinkedIn Profile: Marcelin Nyakura



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Oct 04, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Nice article. Very neat to see and read about the work of SHIFT. May God's hand guide you all to more growth and greater impact.


Sep 28, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great read!

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