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Shifting the Mindset to Where We Dream to Be.

Emaru John Julius has been part of SHIFT since 2021 when he first attended the "Launching into e-Commerce" program. However, that is not where his contact with entrepreneurship and online business actually begins. Here is his story;

My name is Emaru John Julius from East Africa, Uganda, Teso Region. I'm from A family of seven children; five girls and two boys, located in the North Eastern part of Teso, Kapelebyong district. Being the second last born and the first boy to my mother, I got a chance to attend primary and secondary schools and became the first person to graduate from the university in our family.

After graduating in 2016 with a Diploma in Animal Production and Management from Busitema University, I returned home and started a new life outside school. However, I had no job and business, so I ended up occupying my time with home duties and being on social media especially Facebook, in my free time.

During this free time on social media, I landed on a Facebook page, Alliance in Motion Global, run by Mr. Nobert Isles from Philippines in 2017. After messaging him for more details, this was the start of a friendship that introduced me to many online webinars about persuasion and online marketing strategies. Along the way, I got to work with Wonderlube Racing Oil from Philippines as the East African marketing director for three years while marketing this new organic product worldwide.

Mr. Nobert later introduced me to other companies such as NextGen International, Em Earth, and S.K Gold LLC Dubai as their online marketer. All these businesses created a great relationship between me and the business world. I learnt a lot of marketing strategies, business language, the power of persuasion, and success stories from many huge businessmen and women worldwide.

Along the way, I got the chance to be part and parcel of SHIFT Enterprise Academy since 2021. The ”Launching into E-Commerce” SHIFT cohort classes I attended shaped my vision, my attitude and my courage to start up a business that will benefit the entire world. Thanks to Mr. Ethan Brisby, the founder of SHIFT Enterprise Academy for giving the world, including me, an opportunity to join the global online business to make a change and shift our minds from where they are to where we dream of being. Kudos!

About SHIFT Enterprise Academy.

SHIFT Enterprise Academy is a hybrid social enterprise and personal development consulting firm based in the USA with programming in four countries. SHIFT identifies young adults and helps them develop the mindset to solve problems in their own communities using the ‘SHIFT Approach.’ The SHIFT Approach is rooted in the SHIFT pillars; Save your money, Help your family, Imagine your goals, Follow directions and Think accurately.

About ”Launching into E-Commerce”.

Launching into E-Commerce is the signature program offered through SHIFT Enterprise Academy. The program features six weeks of training in a virtual classroom. Enterprisers are challenged to use the SHIFT Approach to launch or expand their businesses using digital marketing techniques. At the end of each quarterly cohort, Enterprisers enter an idea’s competition to compete for seed funding. All Enterprisers receive ongoing consultancy services. This program is currently underwritten by the support of “Friends of SHIFT.”


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