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SHIFT Enterprise Academy Innovation Village: 

Pioneering Collaborative Transformation


Empowering Entrepreneurs, Fostering Innovation, Transforming Lives


SHIFT Enterprise Academy, a US based social enterprise with a presence in East Africa most notably Uganda and Kenya is embarking on a transformative venture, the SHIFT Enterprise Academy Innovation Village. This development will be a beacon of innovation situated in the heart of Eastern Uganda, Bukedea District. The initiative is a result of a strategic partnership with Ethan Ellsworth Vocational Centre, founded by Erasmus Ichode, an influential advocate for education and economic progress in the region.


Collaborative Vision:

The SHIFT Enterprise Academy Innovation Village envisions a dynamic ecosystem that nurtures aspiring entrepreneurs, cultivates innovation, and provides essential resources for growth. This collaboration aligns with the broader goal of leveraging education and entrepreneurship to drive economic development within the community with SHIFT’s cutting edge open access learning model as its cornerstone.


Holistic Support:

The SHIFT Enterprise Academy Innovation Village extends comprehensive support to cohorts of international entrepreneurs, scholars, and learners. It will offer vocational training, a robust housing infrastructure for visiting scholars and enterprising minds, and a vibrant recreation center. Moreover, embracing technological advancements, the village will pioneer classes available in the metaverse, merging traditional learning with the limitless possibilities of the digital world.


Government Collaboration:

Leveraging the government’s desire for successful Parish level models for economic development, SHIFT and Ethan Ellsworth Vocational Centre aim to actively engage with government bodies. Through strategic collaboration and support at the Ministry level, this transformative project aims to drive sustainable change within the community and beyond.


Global Replicability:


The SHIFT Innovation Village serves as a blueprint for potential global replication. It encourages the establishment of similar innovation villages in emerging and fringe markets worldwide, emphasizing community-centric economic growth and utilizing the transformative potential of the SHIFT Learning Management System.


Fundraising Goal:

To realize this ambitious venture, a fundraising goal of $27,000 USD has been set. The strength of the USD in Uganda makes the construction of this development project a very affordable undertaking with the proper partners and sponsors in place. As such, SHIFT is actively seeking sponsors and partners who share our vision for fostering innovation, education, and sustainable economic development.


Together, we aspire to empower entrepreneurs, revolutionize learning, and create a lasting impact on society. Join us in building a better future through the SHIFT Innovation Village.


For inquiries and partnership opportunities, please contact:


WhatsApp: +19792724145


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