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SHIFTS Legacy for Tomorrow

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

"It’s always spelled SHIFT, an acronym" , says founder Ethan Brisby about SHIFT Enterprise Academy. You hear this as he instructs his students through 1-on-1 meetings as well as delegated group settings as the organizations strive to pull themselves to profitable circumstances as if performing an athletic Super-Bowl championship winning effort. This is done through sheer bootstrap strength with a thought of a better tomorrow for all in mind churning as the different entrepreneurs execute their designed business plans for their individual and team efforts.

#TheSHIFTApproach is a way of life. The word SHIFT is an acronym representing the SHIFT pillars which are:

Save your money

Help your family

Imagine your goals

Follow directions

Think accurately

It is SHIFT Enterprise Academy belief that these pillars once adopted over a period of time will help you get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future, pillars applicable in business, life, and family.

First created by Ethan Brisby in 2010, SHIFT Enterprise Academy offers a multitude of services to local citizens and business owners to help improve their quality of life and business bottom line , adding recent partnership with TopCrown Media, founded by Gary Flemings. SHIFT Enterprise Academy plans to help more people in the future by utilizing & making public the "Legacy for Tomorrow " campaign spearheaded by a passionate team for community. SHIFT Enterprise Academy looks to involve the worlds Change-Makers on new developments and collaboration.

SHIFT Enterprise Academy has made ground in Africa and determined to make a lasting impact while raising its citizens to a higher standard of living. With decades of experience accelerating organization growth world wide SHIFT Enterprise Academy works with a host of growing businesses to impact the community in a positive way.

SHIFT Enterprise Academy has launched a crowdfunding campaign with its sights on improving it's innovative digital learning management system to further develop social efforts. SHIFT Enterprise Academy "Legacy for Tomorrow" campaign is an important step that will assist SHIFT and East Africa in blending art, impact, and community support to empower African and African-American led communities for generations to come.

SHIFT Enterprise Academy offers a wide range of services , and even hosting quarterly Pitch Contest Cohorts with its students taking efficient solutions in mind. SHIFT Enterprise Academy is something similar to a social networking organization who's mission is economic empowerment and financial literacy, fostering the ideas of the community. Rewards for this campaign are encouraged for initial donors with meetups, access to the SHIFT Market, travel, & unique business opportunities. Empowerment through Collaboration is part of the shaping tools.

About SHIFT Enterprise Academy

SHIFT Enterprise Academy is a dynamic organization focused on inspiring, educating, and empowering individuals, particularly young adults and entrepreneurs through a holistic learning approach. Through a suite of programs and initiatives, including SHIFT's "Launching into E-Commerce," “SHIFT LaunchPad,” and "SHIFT Ventures." Leveraging the "SHIFT Pillars," known as #TheSHIFTApproach, the organization seeks to transform the way individuals think, learn, and do business. SHIFT's commitment to enhancing economic mobility, entrepreneurship, and education drives every aspect of its work.

SHIFT Enterprise Academy's "Legacy for Tomorrow" Campaign has kicked off on October 30, 2023

— SHIFT Enterprise Academy, a global organization dedicated to empowering ambitious minds and fostering economic mobility, is excited to announce the launch of its "Legacy for Tomorrow" Crowdfunding campaign, set to kick off in October 2023. This campaign aims to secure the resources necessary to support the development of programs and initiatives that will create lasting, positive change for individuals and communities around the world.


While in the process of growing its community, the first 100 contributors to the current Legacy for Tomorrow campaign will receive lifetime membership of Team SHIFT. Membership includes being in the know for our East African business and leisure tours, impact investment opportunities, and exclusive invitation to quarterly business meet up hosted by SHIFT Enterprise Academy and more listed in the below link.

It is a good idea to add the free SHIFT YouTube channel as they often post relevant business development material for entrepreneurs to enjoy as they go about their day to day activities , with a live SHIFT Enterprise Academy podcast hosted on Wednesdays on the SHIFT YouTube channel.

With SHIFT founder Ethan Brisby preparing to speak at African Tech Summit November 9-11th 2023 along side influencer's such as VP of Uganda, & events like SHIFT Cohort with students preparing for the next Pitch Contest this fall, there is much activity happening in the SHIFT Enterprise Academy.

" Ethan Brisby, Founder of SHIFT Enterprise Academy, expressed his enthusiasm for the campaign, stating, This work is impactful, and important for what's possible for so many ambitious minds. Those we directly influence and even those we indirectly influence. This is the first time in a while I have gone public with a campaign like this, so I am hoping it will be received and supported very favorably by the people. "

Founder of SHIFT Ethan Brisby is a visionary entrepreneur driven by a passion for creating positive change in Africa's business landscape. Ethan's expertise and global network bring together a diverse team dedicated to driving innovation and impact. The "Legacy for Tomorrow" campaign is a dedication to SHIFT's comittment of fostering economic mobility through education, entrepreneurship, and innovation. It will support initiatives that empower individuals to take control of their futures, become leaders in their communities, and drive economic growth.

Key Campaign Details: Fundraising Goal: $60,000

Funds Go Towards:

● IT Infrastructure for online learning management system

● Creation of a “Train the Trainer” program to introduce #TheSHIFTApproach in French

speaking African nations

● Support and expansion of ongoing business creation services and programs


We are happy to be proud supporters of SHIFT Youth as they make development in education

Contact Information:

WhatsApp: +19792724145

For more information about SHIFT Enterprise Academy, please visit

SHIFT Enterprise Academy


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Nov 08, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Count me in, go SHIFT!

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