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Updated: Oct 5, 2023

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Agriculture is the backbone to Uganda's economy, accounting for over 70% of employment & 25% of the country's GDP. Despite its significance, this sector has challenges such as infrastructure, limited access to financing , and low productivity.

RURAL AGRIBUSINESS DEVELOPERS LTD is an agricultural consulting firm that provides technical assistance and training to farmers in East Africa. Rural Agribusiness Developers Ltd is a pioneering agribusiness company established to uplift rural farmers' livelihoods and combat food insecurity. The focus is on enabling rural farmers in Kapelebyong district to access essential agro inputs and services, fostering improved agricultural production and sustainable communities.

RURAL AGRIBUSINESS DEVELOPERS LTD seeks to add value to the input features of agriculture in Eastern Uganda including seeds, commercial grade equipment, manufacturing inputs, industrial land-use facilities, and educational resources for farmers in the region, helping them to improve their agricultural practices and increase their yields. Having a positive impact on the local economy, as well as the environment, as better agricultural practices can help reduce waste and improve sustainability.

Led by founder Emaru Julius, this organization is well equipped to develop business while orchestrating farming best practices. Using the SHIFT Enterprise Academy approach this organization is on the cutting edge of new developments and sustainable ideas related to agriculture and urban planning.

The problem being at hand in Kapelebyong district is that rural farmers are faced with limited access to high-quality agriculture inputs and extension services. This scarcity has contributed to decreased food production and heightened levels of food insecurity. The primary challenge lies in the considerable distances between rural areas and the existing agro service centers located in urban centers and towns.

The solution presented by Rural Agribusiness Developers LTD is addressing the accessibility gap by offering a comprehensive range of agriculture inputs and extension support services directly to rural Kapelebyong. The company aim is to serve the "last mile" farmers, bridging the geographical divide and bringing agriculture inputs, extension services, and assistance closer to them. This goal is achieved through an innovative approach leveraging communication services and a user-friendly application. These platforms allow direct access and interaction between our team, AI systems, and the rural farmers.

Feel free to reach out to SHIFT Enterprise Academy for more information about this organization, stayed tuned in for more updates.

Founder: Emaru Julius - LinkedIn Profile

WHATSAPP : +256757774314

Mission Statement: "Uplifting Rural Agribusinesses to Improve Livelihoods and Fight Food Insecurity."

Vision Statement: "To be the Center of Excellence for Rural Agribusiness."

Shift Pillar: "Help Your Family"

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Rural Agro Services
Rural Agro Services
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