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Saving for the Future , Capital invested with NUNU FUND LTD

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

a school of children in Africa


NUNU FUND LTD is a visionary social enterprise dedicated to empowering less privileged farmers while addressing the alarming high school dropout rate in Uganda. Their unique approach creates financial freedom and sustainability by integrating savings, education, and community support.

Headed by current leaders in medical and business solutions, NUNU FUND LTD is an ambitious venture capital organization aimed at connecting citizens of rural background with the opportunity to flourish from their labors. NUNU FUND creates an easy means to saving for in demand products and loyal consumers to business establishments.

The problem that Uganda faces is a significant challenge of high school dropout rates, with over a million learners discontinuing their education within a 7-year cycle. On a daily basis, an alarming 400 learners drop out of school, jeopardizing their future prospects and the development of the nation.

The solution that NUNU Fund offers is an innovative financing model aimed at addressing the school dropout crisis. Our approach combines financial assistance for farmers' children's education with supporting agricultural endeavors. Through a royalty program, consumers enjoy discounts on purchases made at participating businesses, encouraging patronage. Simultaneously, farmers benefit from increased profits through the enhanced marketing of their agricultural produce. The discounts and profits accumulated are pooled into a savings fund, utilized for paying school fees and other essential needs.

NUNU FUND LTD offers products and services on a loyalty program that gives back to your personal savings for future purchases and generation purchases. We at SHIFT Enterprise Academy and NUNU FUND LTD believe The future must be a generation of savers, investors, and citizens who understand economics so that we may make our planet a more sustainable place for all. NUNU FUND exclusively saves for our children of tomorrow but parents are able to cash in community credit for school fees, startup or re-investment capital and withdraw money for emergency. Later in life as your account matures you have invested capital and saved towards a future goal that is sure to be a wise investment.

NUNU FUND LTD is ran by a consortium of professionals including Health Care & Medical, IT pros, Engineers, Lawyers, Mechanic Technicians, Urban Planners and supported by a variety of industries to make modern valuable solutions.

Click the NUNU FUND LTD. website below for more details

Founder: Rwakimari Albert

Vision: "To be the leading player in creating financial freedom for the less privileged farmer."

Mission: "We make saving effortless and universally acceptable, creating sustainable wealth through the provision of unique financial solutions."

Founding Date: March 2020 (Legally registered in 2021)

SHIFT Enterprise Academy Pillar : "Save Money and Help Your Family"

Reach us at :

venture capital fund

venture capital fund SHIFT academy enterprise


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