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At SHIFT Enterprise Academy our programs include a five week interactive lecture series we host four times a year, a two day in person boot camp we call SHIFT Launch pad, and our newest program is entering year 2, SHIFT Ventures. 

Our comprehensive curriculums are thoughtfully designed to provide valuable insights, practical skills, and transformative experiences. Whether you're looking to launch a startup, scale your business, or enhance your leadership abilities, we have a program to suit your needs.

Moreover, we are proud to offer licensing options for our curriculums, allowing educational institutions and organizations to integrate our cutting-edge content into their own learning environments.

As a testament to our commitment to knowledge dissemination, we also provide specialized train the trainer programs, empowering educators and facilitators to deliver our content with confidence and expertise.


In addition to our three core programs, our mission is to continuously innovate and expand our offerings to meet the evolving needs of entrepreneurs worldwide.

Join us at SHIFT Enterprise Academy and unlock your potential for growth, success, and impact. Together, let's shape the future of entrepreneurship and drive positive change in the global business landscape.

Launching into E-Commerce

The flagship SHIFT program, a once quarterly, five-week virtual training that introduces the SHIFT Approach and its five pillars. Enterprisers learn essential skills in digital marketing, automation, and artificial intelligence. Top performers compete for a startup grant to launch or expand their business, culminating in a pitch competition.

SHIFT Launch Pad

 A semi-annual three-day intensive boot camp and accelerator program that empowers startups and small businesses to enter new markets or launch products. Training covers time management, financial forecasting for growth, and fostering a champion mindset, with collaboration encouraged for planning awareness events.

SHIFT Ventures

 An annual hybrid virtual/in-person incubator program that supports businesses in scaling by providing centralized services in marketing, accounting, and legal areas. Founders receive mentorship, guidance, and access to funding opportunities within the SHIFT network. The program lasts nine months. 


Individual Level 

Year 1 , Year 2

SHIFT's programs empower individuals with entrepreneurship skills, mindset, and resources. By providing experiential learning, personalized mentorship, and access to a collaborative ecosystem, we equip individuals with the capacity to initiate and manage businesses effectively.

Community Level 

Year 3, Year 4, Year 5

As individuals succeed in their entrepreneurial ventures, they become role models and sources of inspiration within their communities. This cultivates a culture of entrepreneurship and encourages others to explore business opportunities, fostering economic growth and self-sufficiency.

Institution Level 

Year 6, Year 7

SHIFT collaborates with educational institutions to embed entrepreneurship education in curricula, creating a lasting impact on formal education systems. By influencing institutional policies, we contribute to a more entrepreneurial education environment that equips future generations with practical skills.

System Level 

Year 7 - Year 10 +

Through strategic partnerships and engagement with governments, regulatory bodies, and industry stakeholders, SHIFT works to influence policies that support entrepreneurship and digital innovation. This systemic change creates an enabling environment for business growth and contributes to broader economic development.


Contact us for specialized programming to meet all your corporate needs. 

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