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It's Giving, Tuesday 💙

#GivingTuesday is the theme this upcoming Tuesday and it's all about raising awareness, peer fundraising, acts of kindness, and more.

According to original founders "Giving Tuesday, often described as a global day of giving or a global generosity movement, is held each year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. On Giving Tuesday 2021, nonprofits in the USA alone raised 2.7 Billion USD."

Hosted in over 90 countries by generous donors with the common belief in collaborative experimentation and innovation towards a more progressive sustainable future. Every year on this day charitable do-gooders, family, friends, and investors give and share generously on Giving Tuesday allowing angels to flex their wings & support deserving organizations and individuals.

If there’s a cause you care about, there’s likely an organization that dedicates itself to creating change in that space. Tax status doesn’t determine an organization’s worthiness of support, and it’s not an indicator of impact. Decide what types of causes you’d like to support & go for it!

Giving Tuesday this year will be on Tuesday November 28th 2023, Tuesday November 3rd 2024, & Tuesday December 2nd 2025, directly proceeding Small Business Saturday. Final tax deductions for the year for those wishing to make a positive impact.

One of the rarely spoken secrets of happiness and success is said that it can be found in giving, on GivingTuesday your gifts are directly going towards organizations and individuals that are currently adding value and resources to positive causes. If you are feeling compelled to get involved in the giving season this winter solstice SHIFT has several worth-while community based projects in development stage within the SHIFT community that can benefit from your good deeds today.

Lastly, don’t forget to share where and why you’re giving this GivingTuesday with your friends, family, and social media followers – you never know how much more giving you can inspire! Feel free to tag or post SHIFT Enterprise Academy. Today be sure to give back in whatever way that you can.

Use our social media to connect with us on this upcoming GivingTuesday @SHIFTenterpriseacademy on all platforms like IG and LinkedIn.

SHIFT Legacy For Tomorrow: Crowdfunding Campaign


Community site states that the vision for #GivingTuesday is

Radical generosity creates a world in which the collective recognition of humanity fundamentally respects what each of us can give, receive, and learn from one another. If we were to arrive at any destination, having fulfilled our mission, that world would be built upon a foundation of shared humanity. Generosity is uplifting, generative, equalizing, and connecting. We believe that each and every act of generosity is a worthy act in and of itself. In this work, generosity is the primary means and the primary end : GivingTuesday unleashes generosity to drive generosity. Generosity is GivingTuesday’s universal rallying cry and the foundation of our strategies.


SHIFT Founder Ethan Brisby photographed with a SHIFT student "CLICKABLE LINK"



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Nov 22, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

SHIFT is definitely a worth while cause, love it!

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